The Advantages Of Selling In Winter

By Ellen Blundy | July 2022

Traditionally, spring is Melbourne’s most prominent selling season as homes are at their peak presentation with gardens in full bloom and the weather at its finest. It is also the period when buyers are most actively looking. 


However, analytics reveal that this is a time that your property will come up against the most competition and it is no more advantageous than selling in winter. It all comes down to supply vs demand. The reality is, there are fewer homes for sale in winter, but buyers are still out looking rain, hail or shine.  


Selling your home prior to the peak selling period could mean you present your property at a time of high demand, attracting buyers who have missed out in the peak season and are faced with a scarcity in the market. This may also increase your chances of achieving stronger results due to the lack of competition. Selling during winter also gives you the opportunity to buy in spring with more choice of properties hitting the market in September. 


That being said, every campaign is unique, and it is imperative to carefully think about who you choose to sell your home and also consider what could be motivating buyers in the current market. Your agent must have the ability to understand the vendors needs and focus on the home’s unique features and attributes, then determining which season your home would be best presented to the market.   


With the recent change in Melbourne’s property market, this highlights the importance of selecting an agent who can provide you with honest recommendations and property advice and who can tailor a campaign for your unique and personal circumstances. 


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